Chorizo and Brussel Sprouts

Spice up your Christmas Sprouts – A must try!!


Brussels Sprouts…..You either love them or hate them. Except when you give them the Corndale Treatment….Then everyone is a lover.

A simple yet delicious recipe to really take your sprout game to the next level. These are sure to convert even the biggest of sprout haters.

1 Bag of fresh uncooked Brussels sprouts.
100g Corndale Farm Chorizo (Use our chilli chorizo if you like it hot!)
Rapeseed Oil
Pinch of Nutmeg
Salt and Pepper

Shell and trim up the sprouts. Any big ones cut in half and leave the smaller ones whole so they all cook evenly.

Boil sprouts in un-salted water for 15min or until “al dente” (Do not salt your water, it can make the sprouts go hard. Season after.)

Once cooked drain and allow to steam dry. Meanwhile slice the chorizo into thin half moon slices.

Sweat off the chorizo in a large frying pan along with the rapeseed oil to release all the lovely golden chorizo oils.

Once chorizo is starting to go crispy, add sprouts to the pan and toss through.

Season with salt, plenty of black pepper and a good pinch of nutmeg.

Finish under a high grill with shavings of Parmeasan on top.

Enjoy and Thank me Later! 😉


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