‘Nduja’… know it’s Christmas time?

It’s nearly Christmas, again! Where does the time go? I’ve no idea is the answer but I do know that we have a fantastic new product that we’ve been perfecting and we’re so excited to share it with you. 

If you havn’t already guessed from the title, we’ve produced an ‘Nduja salami (pronounced UN-DOO-YAA), this is an Italian regional salami (Or Salumi) from the Calabria region of southern Italy.  ‘Nduja is made with a high proportion of pork fat which means it’s spreadable and gives ‘nduja enormous versatility. Flavoured with roasted red peppers, black pepper, red chilli & smoked paprika, it’s feisty & fiery but sweet and smokey. It’s so versatile, we think this is the food equivalent of Play-do (other squishy toys are available!), spread it onto hot sourdough toast, fill your ravioli with it, spoon it into sauces or stir it into your scrambled eggs.   

‘Nduja salami spiced with roasted red peppers, black pepper, chilli & smoked paprika

We are now taking orders for our very special Christmas Turkeys and Hams.

Whole Turkey £6lb

Turkey Crown £6.50lb

Corndale Ham £6.50lb  

Free range. rare breed Saddleback Christmas ham

Christmas competition

This Christmas we’re giving away a great prize and your dinner is on us! For your chance to win a Corndale family mixed charcuterie platter, a whole turkey and a ham for your Christmas day lunch, all you have to do is follow the information on our Facebook page and click the link below, we’ll pick a lucky winner on December 1st and let you know through Facebook.

‘Nduja scrambled eggs with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes & rocket

Serves 2

5 eggs

50g ‘Nduja salami

100g feta cheese

Salt & Pepper

8 cherry tomatoes

80g rocket

Whisk the eggs together with the ‘nduja & a pinch of salt & pepper

Add to saucepan and begin to cook over a low-med heat stirring all the time

When the eggs begin to cook, add the cherry tomatoes and half the feta cheese

Lastly, the eggs should just be starting to cook through, take off the heat, add the remaining cheese & rocket & serve straight away onto hot buttered sourdough toast

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