Here at Corndale Farm, we have developed our own range of Chorizo, after lots of yummy research and development, we came up with our own recipe for a smoky, savoury chorizo with a gentle background heat. We have also developed our own range of air dried salami’s.

Free Range Pork

We believe Free Range pork is the only type of pork we all should be eating. Pigs are wonderfully intelligent and social animals. We ensure all our pigs are free to roam and root as nature intended. If you are interested in keeping Free Range pigs or want to be part of the Free Range Charcuterie Movement please get in touch via the Contact page.

We love charcuterie here at Corndale Farm. We love it so much that at the start of 2016 we started making our own. We started with our famous Chorizo. We developed a recipe that is unique to us but also incorporates the best of Spanish Paprika from the De La Vera Region which is noted as the best paprika in the world.

We started small, working out of a shared premises and doing small batch’s, but as demand grew for our products we had to relocate to bigger and better premises. We now produce all our charcuterie out of our state of the art factory just 5 minutes from the farm. We have imported a number of curing and drying chambers from Italy to ensure our products consistency and safety.

“Charcuterie is more of an art – you have to balance between good bacteria, bad bacteria, temperature and humidity and be able to control all that as well.”

On the success of our chorizo we started producing our own range of air dried salamis also. We now offer our Great Taste Award Winning Fennel Salami, Garlic and Black Pepper Salami and our delicious Venison Salami. All our salamis and chorizo’s our handmade and air dried for a number of weeks to allow the flavours to mature.

We now also produce a number of whole muscle products including Coppa, Lomo and Pancetta.

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